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fire over thunder ~ eradicating disharmony

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If doing a reading through this website:

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This changing line, or lack of one, is specific to you. It'll change when you leave this page, so note it down first!

If looking up a reading done through the
I Ching art cards or elsewhere:

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explore your reading free online:

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Here's a traditional translation by Richard Wilhelm, thanks to Akira Rabelais

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Here's a free pdf of an
I Ching by Nigel Richmond courtesy of Joel Biroco

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Here's a contemporary
version by LiSe Heyboer on her Oracle of the Moon site

find your reading in a printed version:

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A lucid, approachable I Ching by Hilary Barrett. Very friendly to beginners to the oracle.

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My visual take on the I Ching, providing a 'right-brain' route in when accompanied by a written interpretation.

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A beautifully deep and mythologically rich I Ching by Stephen Karcher.

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