visiting Rennaldburn

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Rennaldburn's dragon, painted with lime-earth paint and natural pigments.

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(apart from her cave, which is Hammerite ;)

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You're heading to: Rennldburn, Eskdalemuir, Langholm, DG13 0QQ.
Phone me (Shen) on 01387373277 if you need help en route :)

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Rennaldburn's on the B709 from Eskdalemuir to Langholm, easy to find as long as you don’t use satnav: it’s often misdirected visitors!

M6 via Langholm

Come off the M6 at its final junction, no. 44, which'll lead you onto the A7.

Follow this to Langholm, then ~ after passing through Langholm’s High Street ~ you’ll come to a left turn over a bridge; the B709, clearly posted to Eskdalemuir and Samye Ling.

This leads straight to Rennaldburn, if youmake sure you follow the main road round as it turns sharp right over a hump-backed bridge a while after tiny Bentpath).

Rennaldburn's about a mile before the Eskdalemuir 30 mph zone & just after a big manse on a hill: a bright coloured yellow, blue and red farm-house on the right.

M6 via Lockerbie

Stay on the motorway after junction 44; it turns into the A74 (M). At junction 17, take the B7068 exit to Lockerbie.

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto the B7068 towards Lockerbie.
Turn left towards, then onto the B723. This takes you about 14 miles, all the way to Eskdslemuir.

When you reach a T-junction, with Samye Ling posted to the left, this is where you turn right, following the road around as it veers left, crossing the River Esk.

About a mile after you exit the last Eskdalemuir 30mph zone, you'll come to a wooded bend in the road, with a big wooden ‘Rennaldburn self-catering farmhouse sign and post box at the bottom of our short drive.

From the North

If coming from the North West, head down to Lockerbie & follow directions from there.

If you're coming on the back road from Edinburgh, i.e. past Samye Ling, then you continue on through Eskdalemuir village, following the road round over the bridge towards Langholm.

Going out of the 30 mph zone, you'll reach us on the right about a mile later, with a post box at the end of our short drive, and a big wooden sign reading 'Rennaldburn self-catering farmhouse'.

You can also come down the A7 from Hawick to Langholm; if you go this way, look out for the tiny right turn to Eskdalemuir a couple of miles before Langholm to clip a couple of miles off your journey.

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Lockerbie has frequent trains arriving from down south and up north, and once there you can catch a bus to Eskdalemuir.

Though regular, this bus (the 112) isn't very frequent; there's one every couple of hours.
Timetable here :) *It doesn't take bikes or run on Sundays*

You'll need to get off at the church, then follow the 'via Lockerbie' directions above.

Once you're here, there are no direct buses from Rennaldburn to Samye Ling (2.5 miles North),
though they do go there from the church, a mile or so away.

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