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second exhibition:
Harvest Moon

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Animus artists

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fourth show:
Shambhala at

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third show:
Alban Arthan

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first show:
Cherish the Extraordinary Crystallizing Summer

The second exhibition by the Animus ~ Art
for the World Soul
artists collective was held
throughout July, 2016, at the Hub in Eskdalemuir.

Videosketches here

Contributing artists were:

Catkin Sidhu (now Catkin Van Hoppe)
Fergus Hall
Sam Samson
Shen Chökyi

By popular demand, the second Animus
unfolded surprisingly soon, and comprised
an intimate group of four, which gave us all
room to really spread out into the space.

This show saw Fergus unveiling his first painting
on the theme of Merlin. Of which plenty more later…
but it should at least be said here that a growing body
of historical evidence sees the Merlin of myth and legend
as a real man, also known as Myrddn and Lailoken: a
man firmly based around here in Southern
Scotland and not away down South.

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Merlin by Fergus Hall

Catkin also moved into a bold new direction,
adding gouache and gold to the gentle, interconnected
man whose unfinished body formed the centre of
the first Animus poster two months earlier:

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Here he is evolving ~ I love seeing art come
to life ~ and here's Catkin's insightful blog about
the process from which the pictures were taken.

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Bee Man by Catkin Van Hoppe

Sam brought more playful juxtapositions
from the warm, tactile tree realm:

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…and I shared my recently re-ignited
love affair with glass, illuminated so that
its light doesn't disappear as the sun goes down.

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Awakening by Shen

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Fergus Hall

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Fergus, me, Julie MacLeod & Molly.
Fergus's partner as well as a poet. Julie's
work, inscribed on Fergus's paintings,
was part of the third Animus show.

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Me (Shen)

Portraits by Seth Gardner of Red Snappa, Cathy & Sam being away that day…

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© shen chökyi 2013