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first exhibition ~ Cherish the
Extraordinary Crystallizing Summer

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fourth show:
Shambhala at

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third show:
Alban Arthan

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second show:
Harvest Moon

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Animus artists

The first exhibition by the Animus ~ Art
for the World Soul
artists collective was held
throughout May, 2016, at the Hub in Eskdalemuir.

Video sketches here
Contributing artists were:

Carolyn Barlow
Catkin Van Hoppe
Elizabeth Waugh
Fergus Hall
Peter Dowden
Sam Samson
Sarah Keast
Shenpen Chökyi
Trevor Leat

Being a part of this exhibition was the first time we really
got a sense of the kind of magic which happens by which
the whole can became greater than the sum of its parts.

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The Gandharan stupa offering-bowl blessing the space from the North window.

These ‘parts’ included the eight other visual artists. Elizabeth Waugh with bronzes:

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Trevor Leat with willow:

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Fergus Hall with gouache:

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Sarah Keast with prints:

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Carolyn Barlow with glass:

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Cathy Sidhu (now Cathy Van Hoppe) with watercolours and paintings on wood:

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Sam Samson with wood most definitely un-painted:

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Peter Dowden with stone (and snail):

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me myself with glass, writing and cameraless photography:

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…and nature with sublime, swallow-studded skies:

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Sound artists were too numerous to individually credit, but included Richard
, Claire Fox and The Summer Sang, with live sets including storytelling
by Elinor Prędota and music and poetry by Fergus Hall and Julie MacLeod.
Go to the A/V page to see some videos from the Beltane show :)

For me, the sound functioned as a kind of invisible glue which melded
all the visual elements together within the spacious old school room
~ with its views onto rolling hills ~ which was Animus’s home for May.

(I remember briefly being taught in the room as a youngster,
quietly horrified by the - true - rumour that being given
the belt was still a legal punishment in Scotland.)

I was blown away by the ripples of synchronicity
and connection which unfolded ~ both between all of
us artists involved and ‘chance’ visitors to the exhibition,
as well as others in the community and people further afield.

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And, as ever, those ripples spread in subtler,
unseen and as-yet unimaginable ways too.

One ripple are some offerings for Attawapiskat and Cross
Lake, the Canadian First Nation communities who recently
requested prayers and messages of support after over a hundred
suicide attempts by their young people since September.

These, in the form of ribbons block-printed in the Animus space
and fused glass hangings fired at home in my 'fire box', were
posted to Attawapiskat for the creation of a wishing tree.

This tradition is dear to me here in Scotland, as
it is to many indigenous cultures. (A lovely post
on the subject by Terri Windling which includes
a photo of a wishing tree up the valley here.)

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If you would like to join me in sending love notes to
show your support too, the addresses are below:

Attawapiskat: Youth in Attawapiskat, Payukotayno Administrative
Office, 50 Bay Rd, PO Box 189D, Moosonee, ON, Canada

Cross Lake Nation: Youth in Cross Lake, Cross Lake Band
Office, P.O. Box 10, Cross Lake, MAN ROB OJO, Canada

We ended the exhibition sure that the multi-faceted experience which
was Animus would seed of further expressions and collaborations. 

First, though, as a visitor to Animus put it using Caro’s glass
poetry, time to cherish the extraordinary crystalizing summer. 

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© shen chökyi 2013